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(In Store)

We have many stone and crystal jewelry pieces to choose from in our store.  

Our selection includes finely crafted  sterling silver pieces, as well as beaded crystal jewelry. 

We work with several different sources in India, as well as some pieces handmade in Peru and Mexico. 

Gifts Shop

(Not In Store)

We source our jewelry from India and work with one of the best to briing you some of the finest sterling crystal and stone jewelry available. 

Look through our online catalog and order pieces direct from our manufacturer!

Orders may take up to 3 weeks to arrive depending on shipping, but well worth the wait!

Fashion Shop Display


If you are looking for metaphysical tools to aid you in 

your spiritual journey or healing endeavors, we are to assist you! 

We carry crystal spheres, wands, pyramids, and deities,  as well as energy clearing tools. 

Beauty Shop


We also carry a small assortment of handmade goods  from sources we like to support here at the rock shop!

From local artists made dreamcatchers to fair-trade organic cotton bags to any other product we like!  Happy Shopping!

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