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Anup Pandey

Sound Healer, Curator of practitioners at The Healing Vortex


Sound Healer using Shamanic-Vedic Drumming and Crystal and Tibetan Bowls


After three decades of selling crystals, gems, gemstone jewelry online, he decided  that the online business was too detached from the human experience and that to impart the spiritual gifts the stones have to offer us - in helping us,  redirecting, protecting, focusing, and healing our lives.



Christy Ibarra

Psychic, Medium, Intuitive

Christy is a psychic, medium and energy healer. She is highly compassionate, she does not fluff the messages that she receives, and will tell you like it really is. Sometimes the messages may be hard to hear to our egos, but is what is needed at the time. 


" I am blessed to be a conduit for angels, spirits and guides to provide messages of love, encouragement, and guidance to their loved ones. During these encounters, people often awaken to their higher self. Specific information, direction and actions are lovingly provided to assist one to live in alignment with their soul’s purpose."

I highly recommend her. She has never been wrong with my personal readings. 

Paz Rheinstein


Paz Astrologer

Paz has practiced Astrology for over 35 years and is the author of Living Astrology: AstroCosmology.  He has done thousands of individual chart readings for individuals all over the world. His innovative approach to Astrology emphasizes empowering each person to “become their own Astrologer” by helping them to develop their Astrological intuition through creating their own unique archetypal map and supporting them with his soon to be released Astrological web and mobile app AstroCosmos.

Get to know Paz!

Please explain your experience with self-healing. 

Astrology helped me to develop increased self awareness and to synchronize with cosmic cycles.

What is your purpose in life?

To stay connected to Source and serve my fellow souls - The Best in Each for the Good of All.

Why do you want to be part of The Healing Council?

To share my gift, learn from others involved, and serve the greater community.

Check out his wesbite here

Hillary Powers

Crystal Consultant, Healy Specialist


Hillary Healy Healer

Healy Session


What a lucky 'divine intervention' find.

Hillary landed in the store as a customer before the store was even setup, via a friend of the owner (Anup). The intuitive Hillary already knew about her path into this store. Her experience with working at a handmade book store for 20 years provided her the experience to get her a head start in organizing the immense amount of crystal inventory in this cozy space.

Her spiritual abilities, which are developing everyday, including the ability to feel stones were a heaven-send. She has been a patient builder of the store providing everyone an experience where they leave uplifted. Her ability to sense Scalar Waves along with the attributes of the stones transmitted via the waves makes her ideal in being our Scalar Wave consultant.

She is also an official Healy dealer and specialist. She can do an aura analysis of the current state of you chakras, as well as a patterns analysis and breakdown of what your soul is working on in this lifetime.  The Healy can send waves via micro-currency and resonance over long distances. It can help reduce pain as well as do scans for the meridians and send waves to organs and chakras. 

If you would like to learn more, please email us! You can purchase your own healy at HealywithHillary 

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